Day 16

I drank my water, unloaded the dishwasher and had a lighweight dinner 🙂 see you tomorrow!


Day 15

OK so despite my uninspiring post this morning I actually smashed my goals for today. I did the exercise, I did the squats and I drank the water 🙂

Day 14 and a real look at myself

On the 13th day I basically didn’t care for the diet. When I woke up yesterday (the 14th day), I really felt like making up for it, I wanted to have the perfect day. Eating healthy and exercising. I did eat healthy and did the squats until I decided that I wanted to go out for dinner and basically ruined it. Also I didn’t drink the water. That’s two bad days in a row.

Today (15th), I feel so unmotivated to continue this. I haven’t even posted the plan for this week, but today would be exercise day. And I feel like skipping it so bad.

I won’t be losing weight if I just go back to my old habits. I won’t eat the food I like without feeling guilty if I try to lose weight.

It’s a matter of what I really want. Is food more important than feeling good in my own skin, feeling confident and being healthy?

I’m afraid that deep down the answer is yes.

And there’s no change possible if I don’t want to change.

Day 12

Hi! My goals for today were:

  • 1,5L water
  • Exercise
  • Voluntary chore

I did it all. Today was very difficult because I wanted to eat everything that’s bad. I craved chocolate so much.

My motivation levels were really not that great. I didn’t want to exercise and I felt like eating everything in the supermarket’s shelves! But yay me, I still worked out and I didn’t indulge in chocolate or any other not-good-for-me-or-anyone food.

At the end of the day my stomach was a little calmer and I felt like I was back to being in control.

See you tomorrow! 😀

Day 10

Hi! So today my goals were:

  • 105 squats
  • 1,5L water
  • Exercise
  • Voluntary chore

I’m not at home so the voluntary chore was directed towards the vacation home. I made lunch.

I binged at dinner 😦 Had 2 white cheese sandwiches + 4 babybel in a sandwich

See you tomorrow!